Crating and packing


Crating: a value-added service

Artrans manufactures ultra-secure crates and cases to store and transport works of art. At our workshop in Alsace, our team of packagers and crate-makers produce wooden crates to suit every need. We specialise in custom-made crate solutions.

  • Standard museum crates
  • International museum-quality crates
  • Isothermal crates
  • Foam-lined crates, with foam custom-made for each work of art
  • Travel frames, ideal for large works of art
  • Slide-top crates for framed photos and drawings
  • Sculpture crates
  • Slide crates

Environmentally friendly design

 The wood used to manufacture our crates is PEFC-certified, meaning it comes from sustainably managed forests.  All of our wood comes from forests in the Vosges region of France. Our crates are treated in line with the international ISPM 15 standards.

Once the transport operation is complete, our crates are collected and recycled. Each part of the crate (wood, fastenings, foam) is recovered and sorted. Some materials are re-used, while others are recycled via the appropriate channel.

Delivering performance through innovation

Our design centre works constantly to improve the design of our crates, testing new materials and new technologies to ensure that we remain at the cutting-edge of innovation and performance.

Soft packing:

 Soft packing is a three-layer packing technique:

  • The first layer, in direct contact with the work of art, provides protection against dust, scratches and finger marks. Chemically and physically neutral materials, such as Tyvek or Melinex, are used for this layer.
  • The second layer helps to reduce vibrations and limit temperature and moisture variations. This layer generally consists of polyurethane foam, Bullkraft or Ecolokraft.
  • The third layer provides rigidity, protects the work of art against impacts and facilitates handling. Cardboard sheets, protective corner pieces and shuttle crates are normally used for this purpose.

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