Installation and hanging

Installation and hanging of works of art

Temporary and permanent exhibition preparation requires expert installation and hanging services. We have a dedicated team of installation and hanging experts, who specialise in works of art. Their task is to anticipate potential risks associated with hanging and presentation and to develop tailor-made solutions that reflect the technical characteristics of the proposed exhibition space.

Our team is trained in the techniques of positioning and installing works of art, and they also attend specific training programmes organised by external organisations:

  • Scaffolding training
  • Tower-frame training
  • Lifting and carrying training
  • Cherry-picker training

Choosing the right equipment

We always select the right equipment for each task, from cherry-pickers and gantries with hoist and sling, to mobile scaffolding and tower-frames.

Site safety

We ensure that each and every handling, unpacking and installation operation is performed in a safe environment, installing tape to seal off the working area and creating clearly marked circulation routes with dividing barriers.

All our employees have undergone safety equipment training, including carabiners, hard hats, safety harnesses and safety gloves.

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