Frequently asked questions

Do you take care of packing in situ before collecting the work?

Yes, if the customer requests it, and if the work is not already packed. We can also re-do the existing packing if necessary.

Can I pack the work myself?

Yes, you can pack your own work, but in that case we will not liable for the packing conditions.

Do you take care of unpacking the work on arrival?

Yes, if the customer requests it. We can also install or hang the work if you wish.

What materials are used to pack the work of art?

Bubble wrap, Tyvek, glass tape and tissue paper, for example.

Do you offer all types of transport?

Yes, by road, air and sea. We offer shipping solutions to meet your specific needs and the nature of the work, wherever you want to send it in the world.

I am a private individual, can I use your services?

Of course. Artrans offers dedicated services for private collectors.


Do you have branches abroad that are able to follow up your operations on the arrival side?

We work with agents specialised in the overseas shipping of works of art, who undertake to carry out the operations at the other end in the same conditions of security, quality of service and tracking as us.


Do you deal with the customs formalities?

Our office is able to deal with all the export and import formalities, whether for a temporary or a permanent import/export operation.


Do you offer groupage shipping services?

We offer this option, which reduces shipping costs, as long as there are no imperatives regarding the delivery date.

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